In this post, I will show you how to find the supplier of the majority of the products you see advertised on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other advertising platform or social media. I usually see ads on Instagram and Twitter on my phone and if I like the product and I feel like I want to know more about it I go through this process which is really simple to follow and you don’t need any technical skills.

  1. Click on the ad to open the product page, or if it’s an influencer ad read the description to find where you can find the link to the product page
  2. Right Click on one of the images from the product page and choose Copy Image Address
  3. Open the link on a computer because you need to use Google Image Search to search the product’s supplier
  4. Click on the Search by Image option in the Google Search Bar and paste the image URL you copied on step 2
  5. Now you will click Search by Image and a bunch of links with other sellers and product pages will display as a search result
  6. Now you need to know a couple of main suppliers for anything online and these are:
    • aliexpress.com
    • alibaba.com
    • ebay.com
    • dh-gate.com
  7. Add in the search bar after the image and the query “site:aliexpress.com” for example and press Enter/Return
  8. Open the suppliers’ links and you will find the exact images and the price, description, reviews, basically, anything you need to buy or to sell this product yourself.

How to use this information:

  1. You saw something online on a website and you want to buy it, most likely they are the reseller so if it’s not a real brand you will use this image search to find the actual supplier and get a lower price
  2. You are selling online and you see a product over and over again, which means it is selling, because if the seller is running ads on a consistent basis, it means he’s making profit.