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We’re an Ecommerce Agency that specializes in building & optimizing Shopify stores, marketing being #1 priority. We don’t only focus on design, but also on elements that convince the visitors to buy from your store.

Branded Store Creation

We create the store so that it is professional, branded, automated & has high conversion rate, including branding, colors & logo design

Product Validation & Research

We use advanced software to find currently selling products and help you validate the products that you already have

On Page Conversion Optimization

After working 100+ Stores we have identified what exactly makes the visitors buy and we will include all these elements on your store

Marketing Consultation

The biggest problem of ecommerce sellers is getting more people to see the offer, we will give you a free call with our FB Ads Expert to solve this problem for you

All Pages Setup & SEO

We set up all pages & make them SEO friendly, including Product page, Track Order, About Us, FAQs, Contact Us, Legal Pages

Launch & Manage Checklist

We don’t leave you on your own to figure out what to do next but give you training videos, resources, & checklists to make your success inevitable. Click to see the training included.

Why Nick & Dotcom Engine

Criteria Dotcom Engine Freelancer Other Agency
Tested & Proven Conversion Elements 100+ 0 Varies
Buyer Journey & AOV Optimization 10/10 2/10 Varies
Free Premium Tools & Resources Over 25 Resources & Tools (Lifetime Access) 0/10 Varies
Consulting Calls w/ Someone who is actually successful 1-2 Free Calls 0 Paid ~$100/hour
Checklist with Next Steps of Your Ecom Business Growth Yes No No
Monthly Contracts No No Yes, minimum 3 months
Pricing Affordable Cheap Expensive
True Success Case Studies Many None Varies, (frequently fake)
Support After the Order Free None Paid

Our Latest Projects

While we make attractive professional stores, our focus is on converting visitors into loyal customers and repeated sales.

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Have you ever heard about Branded Stores?

dotcom engine ecom brands
BRANDED STORES get the majority of sales and the reason is that these stores look like REAL BRANDS, they are UNIQUE. 
Visitors are used to random dropshipping stores and they have the impression that you are sourcing cheap products.
Transforming your store to a BRANDED LOOK gives the impression that you are the official creator and seller of your products and that makes people TRUST your store and BUY.????
We stopped working with cheap-looking drop shipping stores and we moved to BRANDED STORES and we are seeing a huge spike in sales for our clients’ stores and our stores. (*Results below*)
The reason why you need to transform your store to a BRANDED STORE is that nowadays everyone owns a drop shipping store, customers are becoming smarter and buying resistance is increased.
If you don’t differentiate your store and make it unique, good luck with your sales‼️
If you want to take advantage of unique branded stores
Contact us in Messenger to get your own Done-For-You Store ‼️

Answers to Your Questions

Is my store going to be a copy-paste of other stores you built?

No! We give you a selection of 5+ designs that you can choose which we know are high converting! Then we build your store with the product that you give us (or we give you 5 products we researched and you can choose which one to focus the store on). The colors, the images, fonts, product descriptions, all are custom to your store and brand, we don’t copy-paste like other people who sell “pre-built” stores.

Can I change or add services in this offer?

The items in this package are needed to build your store at high-level efficiency. If you need or want additional plugins, products or other services you can send us a list of what you need and we will give you a quote based on your request. Anything requested beyond the package you see on this page is considered an additional service.

Do you offer a sales guarantee?

No professional can offer a sales guarantee, unless I’m confident in your skills, commitment, & resourcefulness. You need to be willing to try another ad for your store so that you continuously test what’s going to resonate with your buyers.

Do I have to spend money on ads to get sales?

Generally it would be recommended to run paid ads, we offer a step-by-step Facebook Ads strategy, however we will also give you a video with a proven method to generate sales without spending on ads.

 What are all the resources & training that I get?

We want you to have as much success as possible with our store so we included a big list of resources that we have created and updated in the past 3 years.

How do you do product research?

We use a secret tool to scan all existing ads that are running. We sort them by the most recent and most profitable ones, this way we always find products that are selling at this exact moment.

If I find problems with my store after you complete it, will you fix it?

Yes, we connect in Messenger and you get lifetime support for our work, we are committed for client success and are happy to hear back from  you at anytime.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds on any services provided since we are trading our time & experience for money. We have to pay our team for the time they spend on your project. Therefore this Shopify website building service is non-refundable. However we will do as much as we can to ensure a 5-star experience.

Do you offer help with marketing?

We offer a free 30-minute call with our FB Ads expert so that you don’t have to watch hundreds of YouTube videos, but create and follow a proven plan.

They were great to work with and responsive. They fixed my issues with my website and even added some automatons to it that have helped make some new sales. I would recommend them again, and look forward to working with them on marketing.

Nicole M.

Metaskin Studio

In the given time received, I have to say honestly I was very skeptical at first whether they can help me, but they have completely convinced and I can recommend them 100% with the best conscience. They worked hard very hard to make it all the way it should be, as if it were their own shop! Thank you very much, I am looking forward to the next project

Florian E.

Ecom Store Owner

This is my second job again very pleased. Your work really makes my business STAND OUT!!! Five stars don’t seem to do justice to properly describe the caliber of your expertise, professionalism and quick turn around. You and your work are AMAZING – Shopify should feature you as one of their very BEST!! Thank you – will send more work your way.

Dr. Dallas

Holistic Coach

They have a skill and a great amount of knowledge for converting a Shopify store into a high-quality online business store. They are very easy to communicate with and gives a step by step detailed explanation of everything they do. I am impressed with their work and would recommend them a hundred times over. I look forward to showing off my new store.

Debra S.

Ecom Store Owner

What Our Clients Say About Us

Professionalism and efficiency in store optimization... Exceeded expectations! 100% the real deal, "I 100% recommend using their services."

Brian went from 6 Months with 0 sales to Making Daily Sales w/ our DFY Branded Store Service & New Sales Strategies

Tried Fiverr freelancers with no success, and after hiring us got increased conversion, tested apps, and proven strategies for FB Ads & Influencer Marketing.

Dotcom Engine is trusted by 200+ eCommerce store owners.

Dotcom Engine Clients

Case Studies

We implemented a few critical changes in a UK store which resulted to a 30% Average Order Value increase. This allowed them to make an extra 30,000 pounds (~$36,000)

For a beauty brand from Australia we redesigned the store and improved the user experience. Increased the trust and implemented email automations. This resulted in the conversion increase & 57% of revenue coming from returning customers.

Multiple optimizations for a brand from New Zealand, only one app (which we installed in a few hours) brought a whooping $13,000 extra in 3 months.

Dropshipping Website built as a brand from scratch with only 1 product with upsells & email marketing promoted with social media.

Dotcom Engine Clients

Branding a $15 product from a chinese supplier, selling for $50. The branded store we created in the health space allowed our client Ryan to get to over $3,000 in the first month. Due to the branded feel the product was selling even with $70, but to keep the conversion the price was discounted.

Dotcom Engine Clients

For a jewellery brand from Australia we redesigned the store and improved the user experience. Increased the trust and implemented email automations. This resulted in increase of all important business metrics: Revenue, AOV, Traffic, and Customers.

Want your own DFY store?

At the end of the 15-minute demo call, you’ll be able to decide if our done-for-you dropshipping service is right for you!
Automate Shopify store & avoid wasting time and money on ads, and store that doesn’t convert.


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