In this post I’m going to show you how I managed to fix the “Mailing List Not Active” error that showed up when I tried to test my landing page in Clickfunels.

If you don’t know Clickfunnels is the main software we use to create funnels, landing pages, and sales funnels to sell digital and physical products online. It has a very simple drag and drop webpage editor which allows you to have a converting website in a matter of minutes.

One of the best features is that Clickfunnels integrates well with most of the autoresponders. The one I tried to integrate today with my landing page which collects emails is Aweber.

I setup the account with Aweber and then logged in into Clickfunnels and added the integration. The experience up to this point was smooth and it all seemed to work out.

Before pushing the campaign live I decided to test the integration out and when I signed up with one of my emails this error popped up. “Mailing list not active.”

I’ve been looking online to fix and I found a pretty easy to implement solution. It turns out that a sign up form needs to be created prior to integration with Clickfunnels so that it works properly.

The right process is:

  1. Create list in Aweber
  2. Create signup form for that list (that’s what I missed the first time)
  3. Login into Clickfunnels and add Aweber integration
  4. Go at the specific page in your funnel and add the integration with Clickfunnels that you created at step 3 and choose the list you want to add contacts to

Keep in mind that you need to wait about 1 minute before testing again because Clickfunnels usually publishes the changes during 1 minute.

So I opened Aweber and created a very simple sign up form, it has Name and Email fields by default. Then in Clickfunnels removed the old integration and connected it again.

I tried to test the landing page and the integration again and it worked. You can check the actual page here as it’s open to the public.

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