As promised in the previous article about Top Tools For Finding Shopify Winning Products, this article is entirely dedicated to the recently launched product by Pexda Pexgle, the new dropshipping product hunt tool that you can use in your business.

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Finding the right winning product is a time-consuming process, as most dropshippers know, so what Pexgle exactly does is based on a large analysis of vast amount of dropshipping stores around the globe, giving you just the information that you need to efficiently manage your business. Or, as they state on the site, Pexgle helps you “uncover the hottest trending products from the market and your competitors”.

As for promising to increase your shopify revenue by 10 times, Pexgle focuses on three main aspects: Winning Products Research, Performance Ads Research and Social Media Monitoring of other dropshipping stores.

Advantages of using Pexgle

  • Pexgle dashboard combines all of the important information on your target market with in-depth, full feature reporting.
  • You can track your competitors in many different categories and focus on the scaling part.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, ongoing free feature updates, and advanced personalization.
  • You can try Pexgle for free, for a limited time.

Features of Pexgle

  1. Pexgle does ‘micro-targeting’ to show you unsaturated products within your niche.
  2. It helps you research winning products and keeps them private.
  3. Unique personalization capabilities.
  4. The industry’s largest winning products list.
  5. Fresh data with in-depth analytics.
  6. Multi user account access for your team
  7. User-friendly interface

How Pexgle works

First of all, you start by adding a competitor store or your favorite Shopify store.   

After adding a store, Pexgle automatically finds you all the details about the store, including traffic and product insights.

By accessing the Best-Selling Products section you will get the winning products of your stores, as well as the store and product traffic. You can also keep track of the products you like by clicking “Add to Favorite”.

The Best Facebook Ads Section will get you all the Facebook ads of your stores, giving a whole another view on their engagement rate.

There is also a Facebook Tracker section that will track the daily posts of your followed Facebook Pages.

Pexgle pricing

Pricing for Product Analyzer

Pricing for Facebook Tracker

However, as mentioned earlier, you can access Pexgle for Free, for a limited time. The free trial gives you full access to all the features of the plan, and your Analyzer will be limited to 5 stores.

You can also extend your plan with Extenders.

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What Pexgle promises is to be an investment in success by taking your business to another level. What you should keep in mind though is that Pexgle isn’t probably suitable for the newbies in the business. However, if you are hitting at least $1,000 per month or more with your dropship business and you want to skyrocket your sales, you can definitely give it a try.