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A to Z Guide: How To Use Influencer Marketing to make sales w/ your Shopify Brand

'Battle-Tested' Shopify Apps

The purpose of apps should be to increase conversion, increase average order value, and increase lifetime value of a customer. If the app doesn’t do any of the above, uninstall it. 

[FB Video 2] Verify Domain on Facebook 2021
  Facebook Pixel allows you to track visitors data and actions on the site and send them to Facebook. This will allow your advertising campaigns to be more precise because Facebook knows which audience is a better fit to buy your products.
Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics allows you to see data about ALL your website visitors. You’ll be able to monitor live the number of visitors, the country they’re from, the page they’re on and see different stats about how the user experience is on the website.

It is installed in Shopify with a script you can get by clicking on the link above and following the video.

Payment Processor/Gateway for Stripe Non-Supported Countries

Payment Processor Setup for non-supported countries