Why You MUST Have an Instagram Presence

Social Media Purchase Influence

About 30% of the e-commerce conversions happen because the prospect liked the social media content of the brand.

Deciding Factor

Oftentimes the deciding factor whether someone doesn’t buy from a brand is the lack of updated social media content.

Instagram Authority

With the rising number of scammy websites, Instagram’s authority helps with overcoming the prospects’ trust issues.

Before Buying They Need To Know

To get someone to trust your brand with their money, your first need to get them to know you. On Instagram you can take advantage of the 1 billion monthly active users.

Preselling On Instagram

Your page’s bio must create trust & pre-sell, while the highlights answer the frequently asked questions about Shipping, products, reviews.

98% Are Not Ready To Buy Now

Most of your future sales are not ready to buy now, but if they subscribe to your page they may buy within 5 days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks or even 2 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other costs/fees?

No. The Instagram account is free to use. We source our own copyright-free images & graphics, and our designer and social media manager design and post content on your Instagram using our own tools.

What is the Secret Strategy of Getting Seen By Potential Buyers?

Before someone buys from you, they need to know about you. This strategy will be explained to you on the monthly consulting call.

How do you create content if you don't have my product?

We can remove the background and use your product in various setups. We only need the product photo. The content we create is branded and gives the branded feeling.

Why is it so affordable?

We have our own designer and social media manager and we manage multiple accounts, this is why our prices are lower.

How do you get Trustpilot reviews?

We will follow up with your customers and find out about their experience. Then, if their experience was positive, we will motivate them to leave a review.

What Is The benefit of Contacting Influencers?

Influencers have big Instagram audiences which they can promote to. One deal with an influencer can bring tens if not hundreds of sales for a brand. The hard part is getting them to reply & to agree to work with your brand.

How Will Your Content Look Like

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