dotcom engine shopify experts

1. Shopify Access

Open Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Users and Permissions ->

  • Open Shopify Admin yourwebsite.com/admin
  • ​Go to Settings – > Users and Permissions
  • ​Click Add Staff and enter the email below
    ➡️     support@dotcomengine.com

2. Setting Up Omnisend

Step 1: Click the button below to create account
​Step 2: Click to Sign Up “Try Free”
Step 3: Signup with Shopify
Step 4: Add your Shopify link and add the app
Step 5: Create omnisend account and password
Step 6: (optional) Add logo, fonts, and colors
Step 7: Add support@dotcomengine.com as user

Step 3. Brand/Store Questions

Getting to know your vision and requirements for your brand helps create a store that better fits your expectations and improve the working experience. Don’t forget to press submit at the end and we will receive your answers.

Step 4. Work Process & Communication

  • Client FAQs
  • How we work
  • How to provide feedback
  • What results to expect
  • How to get the maximum out of our collaboration

Step 5: Access the Ecommerce Goldmine Membership

Click the button below to create an account and get access to our training & resources membership. You’ll also be able to schedule a call from the dashboard

Do we have everything we need to work?

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